Acrylic on 100% rag paper, from my East Village In Crowd series 1988-1990. John Sex and Vinny Stigma, showing the two dominant downtown fashion styles of the period: Hard Core vs. American Glamor Punk. The two styles existed side by side. Vinny is the guitarist with seminal hardcore band Agnostic Front. John Sex was a beautiful, highly creative, singer-songwriter. John Sex was one of the most popular people in the East Village. Everyone loved him. We still miss him and mourn his passing from AIDS. I was honored and heartbroken to perform with him on his last gig, in Miami. At the end, John was extremely weak... but when it came time to go on stage for his last performance John rose like an enchanted Swan, all blue eyes, platinum hair, and sweetness...radiating near-death brilliance! Wearing a custom-made Renaissance prince costume, John dazzled the crowd one last time as I smiled, wept and applauded from the wings.

John Sex and Vinny Stigma