Tribute to my near neighbor, author and educator Bernd Heinrich.He is sometimes called 'The American Thoreau." His partner, Lynn was a Bronze medalist in the 1980 Olympic Decathalon. Bernd is a wonder writer. I highly recommend "The MInd of the Raven." Bernd is an ultramarathoner. Though he failed to win the "Spartathon" (160 miles) we give him an A for effort.  This is place where Goliath the Raven lives. With my easel precariously perched on tussock in the middle of Alder Stream balance on two rocks and to give you this impression of my paradise. #Maine #BerndHeinrich #ultramarthon #decathalon #Natureconservancy #ravencognition #bumblebeeeconomics *Mexican Immigrant Monarach Butterfly not included.



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