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PRINT this yourself. It is a high resolution digital downlad. Put it where your family can see it.


Abraham Lincoln guided the nation through the horror of the Civil War, the worst kind of war. Print this and put it where you family can see it. America must be united on the issue of racial equality. I did this drawing after re-reading When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed by Walt Whitman. You print this high resolution drawing of Abraham Lincoln who was assasinated shortly after the ending of the Civil War.

Lincoln's ghost is said to haunt the route of his funeral train. I often paint by the Hudson next to the train tracks. One night at dusk I saw Lincoln's face in the clouds. It looked just like this drawing. He was looking at me.  

The train carrying Lincoln's coffin left Washington, D.C April 21, 1865, went up the Hudson River, and ended in Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln was buried.

The Ghost of Lincoln Haunting the Route of his Funeral Train

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