Fine Art Portrait Gaming

READ RULES BEFORE OPENING GAME...give it 30 seconds to load! 

1.CLICK Phoebe Legere painting "STAR HAND" at left. (It is a portrait of Coach Nissa who will be c0-starring in our new TV show.) 



4.CLICK Nissa's HAND to Shake Dice.

5. KEEP YOUR OWN SCORE by clicking the "thousands" column each time you WIN.

6. Advance your score YOURSELF by clicking the 1000's column. 

When you reach 50,000 points take a screenshot, send it to us and we will send you a discount code for 20% off one item over 20 dollars at this Gallery. 

Good luck! 


When you reach one million points we will send you a Limited Edition, Signed Art Lucky Buck -and your name will be added in GOLD to our Million Dollar VIP Gaming Platform.  ​

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All Art, Music and Words ©2020 by Phoebe Legere